Capturing The Breathtaking Durdle Door Sunrise

Yesterday myself and fellow photographer Ryan Winterbotham headed out at 5:30am into the cold and wintery darkness to take a trip down to Durdle Door to capture the sunrise. We arrived at the Jurassic Coast as the first light was just beginning to grace the landscape where we managed to capture a few images, see below.

Our plan was to hopefully capture the true golden light as the sun rose above the horizon, however there was a low formation of clouds which were in the way so we had almost lost hope. Minutes later however the sun made an appearance, despite it not being the deep orange light we were after, it still looked spectacular!

There were about five other photographers on the beach that morning, and there was this 15 minute period where the light was perfect, there was a sense of excitement with everyone trying to capture this magic light in this short space of time, all in their own way. Below are a few more of my favourites from the morning.

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